Facebook/Eating Update : Week 1

Today, a friend asked how my plans to change Facebook and eating were going, so I thought I’d shoot a quick update and initial thoughts for those who are interested. Here’s the first post, in case you missed it.

…and no I’m not eating Facebook. Although, in a way I was… that’s a whole other post. Anyway…


I was doing a great job at first and planned our meals/snacks out for the week. I have to say that planning is one of the biggest keys to eating healthy. But, we ran into some scheduling snags around dinner and my amazing wife got sick, so I made a couple concessions. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I was a little frustrated that I had already broken down. Hey, it’s life. Failures happen. Regroup, reframe, and keep trying! The rest of the days have been really good.

The purpose of this eating plan is not necessarily to lose weight (which you normally do) but to retrain your brain to break the addiction to added sugar, and therefore find the wonderful, natural flavors in wholesome food. Secondly, it is designed to reduction inflammation and that bloated feeling you walk around with more than you realize. I’d say that all around, it’s been successful. I’m working toward no slips this week! We’ll see how it goes.


This has been a crazy change. Honestly, I didn’t think it’d come so easy. I thought I’d have more eye twitches and shakes coming down off my Facebook high. I started by deleting all Facebook apps and links on my phone. Then I got rid of the FB shortcut on my laptop’s browser bar. I know I can still type it in, but at least it’s not tempting me with just 1 click. And it seems to work for me. I was only on it last Friday, which I have dubbed #FacebookFridays, when I reinstall the app and check it. I noticed that I immediately felt drawn to pull it out of my pocket like before. It’s like the switch can be flipped back and I wanted to know what was going on. Emily even said, “Could you have picked a different day, other than family day, (it’s my day off) for Facebook checking?” I guess the difference was noticeable to her too.

Two big take-aways:

1. I felt like I had more clarity in my thoughts. I actually read half of a book and wrote the riff and chorus of a new song in 1 week. Maybe it’s because I was hoping for this, so I made it happen, but I’ve been wanting to feel like this for a while and now it’s happening. There must be a little bit of a connection.

2. Sadly, I didn’t miss checking my newsfeed and seeing every detail about what was going on. I thought I would need that connection and feel left out of the loop. Yet, I seemed to feel more engaged with the people in front of me, especially my family! Which are huge pluses to me. 🙂 Friday gave me enough time during the boys’ naps to scan the NewsFeed and catch up on all of my family and friends pretty quickly. I had time to comment and like a few things too. I’m going to keep refining it and see how it goes, but I’m excited about the positive outcomes so far.

That’s it for now. Thanks to friends who have asked and also helped keep me accountable! Here’s to more clarity, joy and success. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Facebook/Eating Update : Week 1

  1. Love you brother! Finding joy in every day and missing you like crazy!! Give my love to Em and the boys xoxo

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