I sent the email.

Do you ever say, “NO” to something because you might fail or fail someone or look like a failure or whatever other “fail phrase” makes sense? Me too. Too often, I might add. Although, the past few years have gotten a TON better. This series confronts the fact that FEAR LIES to us everyday. No, … More I sent the email.


The third day in the book I’m reading asks people to consider their “inner daring.” What is it that is deep down inside you? What would you dare to do if you knew you’d succeed? Even then, would there be doubts in your mind? Today isn’t as much of a practical step into fear, but … More Daring.

I almost quit.

I went to bed after making the Day 1 video of my new series and I felt great about the start and the quality. Then the fear monsters came in when I woke up yesterday. I was beginning a new adventure and the doubt and questions began to rise. Have you been there? It would’ve … More I almost quit.