I almost quit.

I went to bed after making the Day 1 video of my new series and I felt great about the start and the quality. Then the fear monsters came in when I woke up yesterday. I was beginning a new adventure and the doubt and questions began to rise. Have you been there? It would’ve been easy to stop. But, I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time now. What better way to stay accountable and also encourage others, but to put it out to the world? After a busy day yesterday and pondering those fears, I turned into them and remembered some tools/skills I had learned a while back. Come and see if they might help you along your new challenges!

Please leave any questions or thoughts in the comments and I’ll try to get to them as soon as possible. This would be a lot more fun for me as I hear about your stories and maybe get them worked into this experiment as well!

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2 thoughts on “I almost quit.

  1. Hey, Mr. Gehrke. It’s been a long while since I last saw you back as a music teacher! I watched this video, and to be honest, I could relate a lot. The fears that we contain within ourselves – the imaginary intimidation that we live with each and every day – can make us feel like the world is coming down on our heads. From my own experience, I have struggled with overthinking how people think of me – from how I would walk to how I would appear in public to even how people would think of me if I breathed a certain way. In a sense, this was and continues to be my fear; the overall realm of judgment that we step into everytime we wake up from our daily slumber. But! In a way, it is this exact same experience that can help us to overcome life’s struggles. As you mentioned, it is through confronting these fears that we grow as individuals, as ourselves. I wish you the best of luck with your journey into facing the many fears of life. Stay strong, and continue to inspire, Mr. Gehrke!

    1. Hi Mikaila! Yep, it’s definitely been awhile, but I remember those years vividly and with much joy. I always saw a desire to “step out” – even behind the soft speech of a middle schooler. You have it in you! And yes, a big part is confronting them but you can do small manageable things first before you tackle the huge things. 🙂 hopefully the examples I start trying will inspire you and others to begin the same journey. My fear of failure definitely lies in the perception of others too and not being good enough in whatever thing I’m considering attempting. I need to believe I’m enough for God and that if I can’t do it right away, then I’m not any less to him and the world won’t see me fail- they’ll see me try again! Thanks again Mikaila, I appreciate the comment and encouragement! You’re awesome! – MrG

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