I sent the email.

Do you ever say, “NO” to something because you might fail or fail someone or look like a failure or whatever other “fail phrase” makes sense? Me too. Too often, I might add. Although, the past few years have gotten a TON better.

This series confronts the fact that FEAR LIES to us everyday. No, not the fear of running onto the freeway during rush hour. That’s a very healthy fear! Let’s hang onto that one. It’s the fear that calling an old friend you haven’t talked to in a long time will blow you off or bite your head off for not staying in contact. Instead of testing it out, you just don’t call. You just sit and wonder in the frustration of inaction. The LIE of FEAR has its grips on you.

I’m daily stepping into those fear of failure points and sometimes I will fail. That’s the point. I already have. And did it hurt? Not really. The idea is not to fail or succeed, but face it and go for it. Either way, you’re strengthening that muscle and allowing yourself to grow. It allows for you to be used by God in bigger and more beautiful ways for Him. God already has that confidence in you and He wants you to see it as well!

Yesterday I made a small step and I sent an email. Not a huge thing. But I’m glad I did it! What small step will you do today?

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