Facebook/Eating Update : Week 1

Today, a friend asked how my plans to change Facebook and eating were going, so I thought I’d shoot a quick update and initial thoughts for those who are interested. Here’s the first post, in case you missed it. …and no I’m not eating Facebook. Although, in a way I was… that’s a whole other … More Facebook/Eating Update : Week 1

The Inflammation Generation

Inflammation. You’ve probably had it whether you know it or not. It’s those things that end in “itis.” Arthritis. Pancreatitis. Bronchitis. Tendonitis. Tonsilitis. The “itis” tells us that a body part is swollen or inflamed. It generally causes pain, reduced function, varying immobility, negative side effects elsewhere, and many more possibilities. The thing about inflammation … More The Inflammation Generation


I can’t do that. It’s too hard. This will never be over. What if they don’t like me? What if I fail? I certainly don’t know enough to even try. Have you ever had any of these thoughts or similar ones? I definitely have. I still do. I used to give into them or just … More reframe

Will you be there?

I had a moment of clarity this weekend. My 3-year-old son, Will, and I went on an afternoon hike in the Sierra Mountain foothills while the rest of my wife’s family was preparing dinner. We decided to check out what was behind the condo we were all staying in for the week. As we got … More Will you be there?

How food ate ME.

The last couple months have been a somewhat unnerving journey for me. I’ve been reading a very eye-opening book while attempting to change my relationship with food. These two things weren’t designed to coincide, but alas they did, and have drastically changed me. This whole time I’ve been thinking about the food I’ve been eating, … More How food ate ME.