Should I work at the Apple Store?

My mind is always toying with me. I’m like the little mouse and my spinning brain is like an ADD inflicted cat. There is always another plan or an idea or brainstorm. I think I have always been this way…thanks mom and dad. Just kidding!

Seriously though, ask my wife about my constant stream of inspirations. It can get a little crazy- but she’s figured me out and lets me dream. She’s awesome like that. Check out my whiteboard in my office- this is just the tip of the idea iceberg…

Ah yes, the Apple Store. Any Mac fiends out there?? Let’s hear you!! I love that place. It’s clean, fresh, innovative and full of Mac stuff. I’ve randomly thrown out there numerous times my desire to work there. I told Emily today that I think it would be so cool and I’d get to be apart of all the secretive releases and get all of the good stuff at a discount. I even looked up that fact that most Apple Store managers make about $60k/year! Nice….if I ever made it that far.

(insert a wonderfully scripted transition to Sonic Burgers…) A few days ago I was in line at the Sonic drive-through window, which by the way is insanely slow!, and something occurred to me. I could never work at Sonic. (note: for those who love and adore working at fastfood- I commend you- because you are needed and appreciated) But, I just couldn’t do it. As I waited, for what seemed like an eternity, I realized that if I had a new idea for running our Sonic or a plan to implement a new way of delivering food it would probably not come to fruition. My manger would probably tell me that it’s a chain and they need to be the same. Corporate has specific ways they want everything done. Which makes complete sense, because if I was in charge of branding at the corporate level I would expect them to be the same.

This burning desire to lead, vision and affect change came pouring out of me. I love that about my job. Yes, I work in conjunction with leadership at the church and the school, but I have a lot of room to flex, bend, adapt and guide the direction of the programs I was called to lead. God just wired us all differently and I’m just a freak for creating and forecasting the next thing.

So, as I began to consider the Apple worklife, I realized that I do not have the skill or training to be at the levels of Apple to affect real change. That will definitely never happen. And I’m ok with that. Would selling Apple merch be fun, sure, but it’s not where my true passions lie. God put me in this place, today, now…with these amazing people and kids. So I am incredibly thankful and I pray He gives me the wisdom to love boldly and lead humbly. (while still making time for some innovations and plans to come!)

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