Holy Tuesday!

This morning I was thinking…Mon-Wed of “Holy Week” don’t get any love. We have Palm Sunday (2 days ago), where Jesus humbly rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (per his request! Luke 19:30-31) as people praised him by waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!” We now rejoice that our true King of Glory had arrived, but most of the people were also excited about celebrating the Passover Festival with family and friends. We had a wonderful celebration last Sunday with our family at Grace.

Then we have the lull…we go back to work for a couple days.

Then we celebrate with either a Seder Meal (remembering the passover meal and God’s salvation from the hands of the Egyptians and Moses leading them out) or with a Maundy Thursday service. I’m excited because we are recreating the Upper Room (Luke 22:10-12) where Jesus held the first Lord’s Supper or Communion with his disciples. Good Friday is one of the most contemplative services in the church year, because it is when we remember the pain, sin and wrath of God Jesus endured on our behalf, so that we could be spared and received forgiveness and life in Heaven. Then Saturday is preparation for the celebration of Easter- when on Sunday we REJOICE that Jesus rose again for us and defeated, sin, death and the devil!

So…it brings us back to the lull today…I’m dubbing it Holy Tuesday. What did Jesus do Mon-Wed while he awaited the trial and death he knew was coming? Well, there are some stories and specifics to read about in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) but they can all be generalized by something written in Luke to sum it up:

Luke 19:47-48 “Every day He was teaching at the temple. But the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the leaders among the people were trying to kill him. Yet they could not find any way to do it, because all the people hung on his words.” 

Jesus continued to do what His Father sent Him to do. Share with us love and the message of the Gospel: repent, be baptized and trust in the Lord above all else for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus would soon solidify that belief by becoming the Gospel himself. THE forgiveness of sins in whom we trust today. Whom we strive to put first in all that we do.

So, each day I will continue to live, continue to teach, continue to be humbled and learn, for my life is that Monday-Wednesday of Holy Week. Except there’s one difference…I’m not wondering if He’s the Christ, I know the ending…and it’s amazing!  For one day I will die and rise again with Him in Heaven. So, my Holy Tuesday is filled with nothing but Joyous Hope as I continually hang on His every word!

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