What happens when you cancel Directv?

We’ve been trying to cancel Directv for almost 2 years. That momentous feat was finally accomplished thanks to an awesome customer service rep who was having a good day and let us out of our contract for nothing. zero. zilch. Where have you been all my life?

That actually happened soon after we found this. An idea that challenged participants to kill the tv for 30 days. It’s a pretty hardcore plan and since Directv was being a pain anyway we decided to give it a shot. We didn’t follow all of their specific details (we decided an occasional movie or youtube vid was ok!)- we just decided not to turn on the tv.

This didn’t seem too worrisome at first. I knew I could live without actually seeing who won American Idol, the next House Hunters episode, multiple sports games, or what the evening sitcom characters were doing.

But I did have one big concern…how am I going to relax?!?! That’s what you do…you work hard during the day so that you can have dinner and relax for the evening and watch tv. Duh. That’s what you do! I’m tired. I don’t want to think more in the evening- that’s what the day is for. Now I have to say, my wife and I are pretty busy people and aren’t around a ton in the evening anyway, but if I want TV, it’s there for me! It’s like a safety net of relaxation. Are you with me on this? Ok, maybe it was just my own messed up issue.

So, here’s what happens when you cancel Directv. We turned off the tv…and…

1. We talked with Directv in the middle of the 30 days and they let us go free and clean. I’m not implying some mystical connection here, but it’s pretty crazy.

2. There were a couple days that it crossed my mind, but I really hadn’t given it much thought at all.

3. My speaking vocabulary significantly improved- Emily even mentioned something about it because I’m reading much more.

4. My laptop harddrive is almost full because I found 88 CDs in a storage container I hadn’t listened to or downloaded in the past 5 years. Lots of new music!! With iTunes and an Airport Express connected to the receiver, we have wireless music going constantly in the house! It’s a great replacement for “background” tv noise.

5. I’m playing guitar/piano/saxophone much more and loving it. Playing for me, not just for work! Normally I would’ve just sat down on the couch and decided not to exert the effort to get the things out.

6. Surprisingly I haven’t had that huge desire to need it in the evening like I thought I would. I really do think it bordered on an addiction. I felt like I needed the tv. Now I want to do other things instead. Even when I’m tired, there are so many other things I can do to unwind. I had never even considered it before.

7. I go to bed sooner and wake feeling rested.

8. It’s well over 30 days now and I love it.

I didn’t write this to judge tv-watchers. So if you are a tv-lover, live it up and enjoy it! I just wanted to chronicle my own experience and the things that happened along the way. Maybe you’re in the same place I was 30+ days ago and just want to give it shot for one reason or another. Pull the plug and see what happens. A whole new world may be opened up to you that you didn’t even notice before!

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