creativity tied to the health of my core and soul

I know not everyone is wired the same, but each year I slowly begin to unravel the web of my own personality’s individual strands. This type of self reflection and realization is closely tied to a person’s own peace and inner excitement about life and energy source. As a Christian, I know and wholeheartedly believe that true peace, security, life, love and knowledge of self comes from knowing that Christ is living inside of you and giving you new life each day. With that said, I also know that God calls and creates us individually to give to His kingdom in a totally unique combination of skills and traits unlike any other person. I believe He wants us to seek Him and pay attention to the details He’s given to you specifically. Understanding and living those out not only let you live life more fully, but you’re living it FOR HIM and THROUGH HIM, because you’re using what He made you to be. We force people (especially children) to be something we think they should be. Rather than helping them to realize their inner core components which make them unique. Then giving them opportunities to use those skills within the framework and responsibilities of the classroom, family, church, organization, team, assignment, etc. I’ve realized that my soul needs, desires, craves, thrives upon, seeks and is filled by creativity. A chance to brainstorm, perform, build, draw, write and make something new and see it come to life. Each time I’ve given that time and opportunity, I am filled up and I catch the smallest glimpse of what God may have felt when He looked upon His creation (that He loves) and said, “It is Good!” Then He rested. He enjoyed it, soaked it up. Take time, don’t fill your life with too many to-do lists and take on too many extras that just fill up every ounce of time. When can your heart have a chance to think beyond yourself and create? It’s essential for the human spirit…especially for me. Take those moments. I’m going to…and I’m going to make room for those moments. Thank you God for showing us the glories of creation and giving us the ability to do it as well.

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