Interesting Moral Conversation…

I’ve been thinking about something that happened spontaneously in 7th grade math yesterday…when these things happen, you have to take the opportunity to discuss with you students…

Before class starts, I give them 2-3 minutes to chat and get settled. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation, but something sparked one of them to ask me, “Mr. Gehrke, if I gave you $1,000 would you give me an answer to a problem on this assignment?” I quickly said, (without even looking up) “No.” A couple boys said, “No way…it’s a thousand dollars.” So the first asked, “What if I had $1 million and I gave it to you for an answer?” I asked, “Is it sitting right here in cash?” He said, “Yes.” I answered without hesitation, “No.” That’s when the rest of the class was completely engaged into this discourse. The group erupted, “WHAT!?!? ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR 1 ANSWER!?!?” Another kid said, “I’d give him the entire assignment for that much!” So they started throwing out numbers like 1 billion, 1 trillion, “infiniti money.” Then another said, “You wouldn’t have to work here ever again and just live on the beach!” They just couldn’t believe it. So I asked them if they’d be like Michael Vick and drown a puppy for $1 billion. They couldn’t believe I’d ask it and said, “No!” I asked them what made some things right and some things wrong. Are there things that you can just do over and over and others that are completely out of the question? They said, “That’s different.” Is it? I’m reminded of a conversation earlier in the year when a few boys said if someone pushed them in the hall, they’d step up and start a fight and beat that person up right there. “Why?,” I had asked. Why wouldn’t you just walk away and be the bigger person. Is fighting okay and cheating all day long acceptable in their eyes? I’m thinking about this after the fact, but it gives me insight into a few of them. I did continue the discussion (thank you God for insight into what to say) by saying, “I may be living on the beach with millions of dollars, but everyday realize that I gained this wealth by helping a 7th grader CHEAT. How honorable is that?” They had nothing to say. A few nodded their heads and I could tell they were thinking it through. I finished by explaining it’s where you choose to point your “moral compass.” Will you choose honesty and truth and God or selfishness and control and power? You’d live a much fuller, happier life with God and integrity. Please continue to pray for all youth in our country that they would grow to know God’s Love, His Truth and kindness to all.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Moral Conversation…

  1. Great post man. Way to take advantage of the teachable moment and point people to the Lord. Bigtime! God has gifted you brother.

    Hey, merry Christmas. I hope you have a great time of reflection and relaxation this time of year.

    Peace !

    1. Thanks buddy. God totally gave me the guidance on that one.

      Merry Christmas to you too! Your Christmas card is awesome…y’all have a beautiful, loving, giving family. Plus, another one coming to add to the bunch. What a blessing! Let’s try to get together next summer when we’re there in June. Have a blessed, praise-filled, glorious 2010!

      Blessings and prayers for the new business my friend. You’ll do great.

      Love in Him,

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