First of all I have no idea what Adoredom means, so don’t ask me…  It just popped into my head as I was beginning to think about this post.  It’s a made up word…soon to be in Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary.  Speaking of made-up words, I make up so many more new words now that I’m married to Emily.  She says, “if a word conveys the meaning of your thought, then it works.”  She was fired from her English Teaching position…just kidding!  Okay…back to my actual post…

Adoredom.  Maybe a combination of Adoration and Kingdom.  Do you ever feel that our prayers are just a bunch of requests and maybe a few thanksgivings thrown in there?  I remember being taught the “ACTS” outline for prayer:  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.  Definitions please… Adoration: basically loving on God and expressing to Him all of the things you are in awe of Him about.  Confession: humbly offering ourselves and our faults before him asking for forgiveness.  Thanksgiving: Thanking Him for forgiving those sins first and foremost and then thanking Him for all of the other awesome stuff He gives us.  Supplication: We end by asking Him to hear our requests and needs on our hearts.

I grew up Lutheran and in the groups, events or churches during my formative years I remember mainly praying for the Thanksgivings and the Supplications…but mainly the supplications.  Except, we read a psalm very monotone-like at the beginning of the service, but it wasn’t necessarily in prayer form.  We’d also read a pre-scripted 2 sentence confession in the bulletin during confession time in the service.  Mainly, even today when we take prayer requests, it’s something like this, “pray for my sick father, pray for safe travel, pray for the concert, pray for the big test tomorrow.” Supplication, supplication, God do this for me.

Did you know God is HUGE AND POWERFUL?? and He created the stinkin world and everything you so preciously hold onto?  AND HE LET’S YOU USE IT!! …how ever you want.  Wow.  Let’s (I’m including myself here!) ADORE God.  My best friend from high school is an amazing guy and one of the first times I prayed with him (after college) he began by just lavishing on God Adoration.  “God you are almighty, you created me, you are holy and perfect and loving.  You my day and night, my everything and more.  I praise you God.”  That’s not an exact quote, but very close.  I was taken aback, because it wasn’t at all what I was used to in a prayer.  As time went on, I realized how awesome the intimate moments are when you just stop thanking and asking Him.  Just BE with Him and ADORE Him for who He is and what He is.

Jesus did break down the barrier between us and God but that doesn’t make His majesty and power any less.  Before we begin listing off what we want, let’s truly humble ourselves before our Awesome, Loving, Wonderful, Powerful God and Praise Him with excitement and might!

King David said it simply in his 2 verse long Psalm 117…”Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For Great is His Love toward us, and the Faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.  PRAISE THE LORD!”

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