Kindergartener with the mind of a teacher

Let me set the scene for you…My music classroom as a rug in the middle with colored squares surrounding a music staff in the middle.  There are enough squares for an entire class to see me when seated.  The Prek-4th grade use the rug and the 5-8 grades use chairs.  Today’s last class was Kindergarten and they came in with smiles on their faces and very quietly as well.  I was impressed by this and made a note in my book next to me.  Here’s the conversation that ensued across the rug as I wrote. (I’ve changed the names) Tony: “This is my square right?”  Jessica: “Yes, that’s your square. Shh.”  Tony: (pause for thought and observation of his surroundings) “Why is my square between 2 girls??”  Jessica: (without missing a beat) “So that they can watch you and you will be good.”  HAHAHA!  I let out a half-laugh/blurt/snot out the nose thing…Bhahoh! Then I just jumped into warmups and tried to cover it up.  Best part is…she’s totally right.

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