Secondhand Funnies

Let me just say that my wife is not known for laughing outloud. She’s generally an “internal laugher.” This fact doesn’t usually bother me because I’m a notoriously HUGE “external laugher” just like my whole family. There is one thing that just makes her bust up though. The crazy thing is that it’s really not that funny… Have you ever had someone type some extra keystrokes into your email or chat just before you hit send? She thinks that’s hilarious! Even better is when someone makes a silly word out of a typo. That’s gut-busting man! For example: instead of “I’ll keep my eyes open.” It reads: “I’ll feep my eyes open.” Or… “I hurt my finger” becomes “I gurt my tinger.” I think, “yep, that’s silly.” Until you see her busting up at a typo so hard she’s crying…then you can’t stop laughing because she’s laughing. Therefore, I think typos are funny…secondhand.

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