Top 3 Things We Easily Dismiss

I was just thinking yesterday about all of the little things that pass me by each day, which I take for granted.  You know the situations or happenings that could really brighten our day, even our week, if we had the sense to look outside of our narrow, daily grind to see them?  Each of these could be a post in itself (which I might do later) but here’s the abbreviated version:

1- Sunshine.  Not just the Sun, but a beautiful unhindered Sun wrapped in a clear blue sky.  Doesn’t it just warm your heart as much as your skin?  That is one of the best parts of California…I get to wake up that almost every single day.  What a blessing!

2- “I love you.”  What powerful words.  We need to say them more often to the people we care about the most.  In this situation, I’m not talking about husband/wife love…I’m talking about the Agape Love.  Love for a good friend or family.  It says that they mean so much to you and you’ll be there for them.  Use and appreciate it!

3- Good Conversation.  Have you ever left a conversation where it was totally give-and-take?  You’re soaking in what they’re saying and they do the same?  You ask good questions, they’re allowed to share freely and they respond in kind… I have a number of good friends who are great at this and I thank God everytime He gives me an opportunity to talk with them.  Soak those up and don’t take them for granted!

What would be in your top 3?  Leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Things We Easily Dismiss

  1. hugs, of all kinds but mostly those that come from little ones
    Sunshine is on my list too for the exact same reason
    and laughter, the free silly kind that is contagious

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