Wise Old Guy

I’ve decided that I want to be one of those old guys who say wise things.  Can I actually plan to do this?  I wonder if there is “wise sayings for old guys” training at some point in life.  You’re about 67 years old and these guys in grab you and bring to a dark, mahogany-lined, ancient book-filled library with leather couches and they hand you the book of wise sayings.  That’s how I hope it happens!  The best thing about wise old guys is that they don’t over talk a situation or topic.  They say what needs to be said, listen intently, knod approvingly as you ramble on and on and finally they take a breath and say something like…”Promise little and do much.”  So much said in such a short thought.  You may go on and on about your life, what you want to do, your career, things you want to try, your concerns, education you might need, struggles that might come, yada, yada, yada…then the old man patiently listening says…”You may delay but time will not.”  WHOA!  He could’ve said, “Just do it. I think Nike said that.”  He chooses instead to cut through the limitless over-analyzing with 7 wise words.  Someday, I hope that God gives me the insight and knowledge to be a wise old man.

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