Have you ever moved away from pretty much everything you’ve ever known?  Have you ever had to “start over”?  There are many definitions and specific situations which could relate to these questions.  I’m referring to primarily the social aspect of life.  Your parents may have moved for a job, you went to live with relatives, you went to college, marriage, new job, etc.  Many people say kids can “adapt well”…you could now be closer to family…possibly your spouse or significant other came with you…or you’re a Skype fanatic and so are all of your old friends… Whatever your circumstance, lonliness can happen when you don’t have the physical presence of a loving, trusting community.  I’m not talking about homes, buildings or the nice McDonald’s drive-thru window worker.  Community to me is the group of people you can depend on, call, share life, eat, laugh, cry, borrow from, support and pray.  After talking with friends and family all over the world, and now having moved myself, I’ve realized that the most important thing is a Christian Community.  When people live in relationship with each other through the scope of their relationship with Jesus Christ, all are filled and loved.  Honesty, trust, and confidence are developed, because you can truly be yourself and rest upon the solid foundation of our Lord and Savior.  Emily and I have been welcomed into Grace Lutheran, just as we were at Trinity Lone Oak and friendships have been and are being formed which will last forever.  I pray for friends who have not experienced or allowed themselves the opportunity to experience a loving community like this.  Now I know why Jesus was always among people, eating with them, talking with them, loving them, touching them, listening to them.  We are called to be in relationship.  Sometimes people on the outside call churches inwardly focused cults.  Some may seem like that, but I pray that all would be reaching out with their arms extended to bring more people into the fold of Christ’s Magnificent Love.  Relationship.Community.Faith.Hope.Love.Jesus.

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