Many churches and Christians I believe struggle and have always struggled with evangelism.  I believe it’s one of the hardest things for us to do.  I think it’s even harder than believing that a virgin could conceive a baby who is 100% man and 100%, grow to lead people with a perfect life, die on a cross, relieve us of our sins, and promise us eternal-perfection forever if we just believe it.  Doesn’t that sound challenging?  Well, many people around the world believe that crazy story and I am one of them.  I believe it with the very essence of my being.  More than I believe that 2+2=4.  I just know.  So, if I can believe a story like that, why is it so hard to set outside of my comfort zone and share that same Love with someone I don’t know.  Just TALK with them…just BE with them.  Even someone who will not give me ANYTHING in return.  Only for the sake of sharing God’s Love, which I don’t deserve.  I’ve heard all sorts of blame and reasons and anything to get off the topic.  I give money to LWML, missions, or the offering plate.  We have contemporary worship, that’s supposed to bring people in.  OUR CHURCH IS GROWING!…what else should I do, I don’t want to mess that up.  Or flipped the other direction…OUR CHURCH ISN’T GROWING!!  We need more money from you all…the contemporary worship isn’t bringing people in…our school is a money pit…our youth director needs to work harder…blah blah blah.  Blame, blame, blame, excuses, excuses.  We need to stop pointing the fingers at programs, leaders and call it what it is….fear.  Fear that I might be rejected by those I extend my care to.  Fear that I might have to actually take some of MY time with them when I could hang with my other already Christian friends.  Fear that I might end up having to talk to them MORE THAN ONCE!  Fear of what others might say when they find out I’m talking to that person.  Fear of change from my comfort zone.  Church is where I give money, maybe a little time…so that I can get, get, get.  I have no particular person in mind when I write this except myself.  This is a blog of my own conviction and realization of my faith and state of mind.  My heart hurts thinking about how I do feel this way so often.  Then I realize how Jesus asks us to care for each other.  “care for the least of these.”  How often do I over look them…  I’ve started to realize that I don’t have to go on a huge mission trip or give every penny to the church so that I’m completely destitute.  He asks that I give freely and TRUST that He will provide as I give freely.  Just start simply with, “Hi, how are you?”  and listen and give and be.  He will shower blessings upon you that you didn’t realize existed when you serve others purely and simply.  Living a life exuding Christ’s Love unhindered by fear of money, time, commitment, and arrogance lifts a weight off your shoulders that only He can.  When I think about how Jesus loves me…I picture that cool guy at church, the one everyone wishes was their friend.  The one who is intelligent, kind, fun and welcoming.  I wish I was in his circle…then he walks by me without even a glance.  Without recognizing I am even there.  Not even a “hello.”  Do we do that to people?  You may not have to be the most popular person to make someone feel recognized and cared for.  Then I think of Jesus as that popular guy and how he looks every single person in the eye, shakes their hand, and you know it’s complete, sincere, wholehearted love for you.  He wants to you know, He desperately seeks you out and welcomes you without fear or trepidation that you might reject Him.  He even seeks out and loves those who HE KNOWS WILL REJECT HIM!!  Imagine having the trust to do that!!  If we…if I would only follow His example.  One person at a time…   How would my life change?  How would their lives change?  If we lived in love and not fear.

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