Update on Goals

Those of you that read this know that I had 6 goals for the summer…well…I realized that next time I should estimate an amount of time that each one would require!   I feel like it’s been a successful summer and I’m pumped for school to start, but here’s the update:  1-Get my golf score average between 80-83.  I took lessons and they were awesome!  Yet, I didn’t have enough time to get into the low 80s.  I did straighten out the driver, increase length, improve the chipping and keep myself in the low 90s.  2- Use my perfect pitch CDs and teach myself Perfect Pitch.  I got through 4 of the 30 lessons…gotta try that one again!  3-Write new songs I have a lot more “pieces” of songs, but only about 2 more completed ones.  4-Train my puppy to be a good girl (and a few tricks!) This is probably my biggest accomplishment for the  summer.  Addison is now 28 lbs, 4 1/2 months old and a super dog!  She was housetrained in a week and knows tons of commands for being so young.  We’re really proud of her.  5-Run/workout and lose 15 pounds.  I run/walk with Addie everyday, but I think the eating out and beer of the summer kept me about even.  6- Read some good books to make my teaching better than the past year!  I feel even more prepared to teach this year and I’m excited to get started.

Thanks to those people who asked or checked up on me!  I hope you’re all doing well too!

One thought on “Update on Goals

  1. How fun, great blog, friend. And truly, seeing you and the love Mrs. Emily was a HIGHLIGHT this summer. Shoot, I need to email y’all the picture of us. I miss you guys…it’s reasons like you two that make me wish I lived in the Cities. Blessingso n the start of the school year.

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