Content vs. Ambivalent

Do you know people who scoff at creative thoughts, brainstorming or ideas beyond the status quo?   I hate that.  Not THEM…that reaction.

I know that Apostle Paul writes that he has learned to be content in every situation: hungry, well-fed, wealthy, poor, beaten, tired, joyous, etc.  I don’t know if I have that complete gift, but I love my life and the wonderful things and people in it.  I just like to look outside of the box once in a while, well, more than once in a while…maybe everyday…but the point is that I feel you can be content while also looking beyond yourself and finding ways to improve life and enjoy it in different ways.  Many people are afraid of change, and I can’t say I’m looking for it, but I know it’s necessary to learn new things and that’s what I’m in the business of life to do.

A word of caution:  Don’t take this too far and stress yourself out looking for new opportunities around every single corner and trying to change the world.  Then you’re only looking forward and not enjoying the moment!  Dream, live, love, and savor everyday thought and moment of life.

One thought on “Content vs. Ambivalent

  1. Okay, I read your post about Emily – how beautiful and so not that gushy. You are blessed to have each other.

    And you’re so right about change. People fear it, as well as the unknown I think. But crazy kid, I’m taking your advice: dream, live, and love!

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