Thankful for my wife.

I won’t get too gushy…so it’s okay to read further…I just wanted to write out somethings that my wife does that are not at all what our society says “wives do or should be.”

1- I can answer any question honestly without worrying about her response.  Even the dreaded…”How do I look in this??”  I can say…”Probably not the best combo today…” and she will EXPECT honesty and respect it. 

2- She doesn’t make me guess how she’s feeling or give me the silent treatment or rip on me and make me figure out why she’s mad, sad, pissed, or whatever… Before it becomes even a small issue, she brings it to me, we discuss it and work it out peacefully.  Awesome!

3- She lets me have guy time, alone time, drinking time, stogie time, etc., because she knows she is still above those things. 

4- She TRUSTS me….completely.

5- She backs me up when other women say that “no men help or do….”  etc. etc.

6- We respect each other’s opinions and TALK until we find a compromise.

7- She can receive a compliment with grace, humility, and dignity.

8- We pray and read scripture together.

9- She loves me in the way that Christ first loved us both.

I pray that all young men would find a woman with the love and respect I receive from my wife.  You can’t help but reflect it back!

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