No regular job for a while…but not done teaching and learning…

Today was the last day of school for me and my students.  There were many tears on their part, but as a teacher I know I’m coming back and need to get ready for the next ones to come along.  I will miss those leaving very much and I hope they keep in touch, but my job is to keep going.  But my thoughts immediately on my drive home were… “Wow! What do I get to learn now?!?”  Not that I stop learning during the year, but this will be on my time and what I want to improve upon for me.  I started wondering what other people do to improve themselves with their free time?  I realized that not everyone takes advantage of self-improvement time.  Many turn to TV, video games, gossip, drinking, partying, etc.  Everything that fills time, but doesn’t encourage growth.  I guess I’m just an EDUCATION JUNKY!  Here are some goals for the summer (you can check them out and keep me accountable!)…

1-Get my golf score average between 80-83.  2- Use my perfect pitch CDs and teach myself Perfect Pitch.  3-Write new songs  4-Train my puppy to be a good girl (and a few tricks!) 5-Run/workout and lose 15 pounds.  6- Read some good books to make my teaching better than the past year!

2 thoughts on “No regular job for a while…but not done teaching and learning…

  1. Glad to know you won’t be in front of the tube all summer long! But really, I’m going to question the better golf game as “learning”. That’s more just practicing something that is fun and having more fun with it! I don’t think that falls under Webster’s definition of “learning”. 🙂

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