an offering?…I can’t afford it!

How many times have I heard people murmur this excuse…and how many times have I used it in the past?  Too many.

Our church and school is in what you’d call a financial surplus or even in the black.  It’s sad that the monetary giving in our congregation is so poor, because there is so much going on here and so much more that could be.  I sat through a huge discussion last Sunday at a voters’ meeting discussing the proposed budget for next year.  Many people offered all of these ways to raise money and challege people to give more than they already are.  They don’t realize that the people who come to voters’ meetings about the budget are the people who are giving the money and want to see it spent wisely.  The people not giving could care less.  And why don’t the give?…more importantly…why don’t they care?  I don’t care how much you “challenge” them or have fundraisers.  I believe there’s a bigger reason…

RELATIONSHIPS AND INVOLVEMENT!  Why do you donate time/money to anything?  Do you care about it?  Do you want it to succeed?  Why do you want that then?  Probably because you have some sort of connection to the group or a vested interest in it.  I believe that the first step to increasing giving in a church is by every “active” member connecting with a non-active one and inviting them to participate in a church event-no, not just come-but help out with it and be a part of it.  Then do it again and again.  As those people feel touched by the Spirit working through those relationships they want it to continue.  This desire for something worthwhile in their church will move them to give even more of their time and eventually their money too.  When you see God working through you and around you, you can help but want it to continue in any way possible.  Please pray that God lifts up the hearts of this church to grab a hold and carry out the ministry that Jesus lived…one of complete love and devotion to all relationships!

2 thoughts on “an offering?…I can’t afford it!

  1. I really like your blog. It makes me think, laugh, and question the things I take for granted. Thanks.

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