terabytes and teflon

Lately I’ve been frustrated by having a laptop at school and a desktop at home.  I enjoy having 2 computers at my disposal, but I don’t want to wear on my laptop by the everyday traveling, so I’d like to leave it at school.  I decided that I needed a place to keep all my info (pics, video, music, and files) in a central location that could be remotely accessed.  Did this exist?  So…my search began.  I found a few apps available for download around the web with varying degrees of installation complexity.  Eventually I stumbled upon a new product put out by Western Digital.  They have something called a MyBook World Edition I or II.  It has from 500Mb to 2 Tb of hard space.  Unbelievable!  It is remotely accessible from any computer and you don’t need your own IP address!  Remember those days of carrying around tapes/CDs, videocassettes, books, photoalbums, and paper files?  Now, you can access hours of video, thousands of albums (pics or music), and documents galore from any computer with an internet connection.  We take it for granted, but it’s an amazing feat!  Our children will take these gifts for granted–just like we do with cars, airplanes, telephones, and teflon. 🙂  Enjoy them and thank God everyday for the talents He’s given us and make sure you teach the young ones to use this technology wisely and for the benefit of others.

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