Nasal Scavenger

I title this for the reason that scavengers don’t just find things, but they generally use them or eat them (in the animal world at least).  I have a few students that have a habit of consuming the things that we civilized folk would generally term non-consumable.  I am talking about the infamous “booger.”  We’ve had the discussion about refraining from this activity a number of times, but it must be incredibly addictive.  I’m not sure what they treasure more:  long, stringy and sticky or crusty and crunchy.  Either way…remember this fact:  The next time you continue to pick your boogers and put them into your mouth WHILE your teacher is staring directly at you…you have a serious problem for which modern medicine has yet to determine a solution.

4 thoughts on “Nasal Scavenger

  1. Hey Gerk,

    Awesome story…I’m still chuckling. I hope the end of your year comes together well. Praying for you brother.

    Oh, and just for the record I prefer the hard and crusty…I mean…hypothetically speaking that is…uh…

  2. I’m reminded of your blog entry every day when I see grown adults (redundant) picking their noses. Usually when someone is driving poorly, it’s a result of either talking on the cell phone or scavenging the nasal passage.

    There’s always room for boogers…

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