Monogamous Pens?

How long do you hold onto a pen?  Just enough to write with it?  Does it even slip out of your hand WHILE you’re writing with it and you have to pick up a new to just finish what you’re writing?  I have to admit that I am like the Hugh Hefner of pens.  I always have a new one by my side and in my grasp.  Yet, I differ from Hef in the fact that it doesn’t even have to be a good looking pen, just one that gets my notes taken…don’t take that one to the gutter…

Anyway, I found out something interesting about my wife today.  She has long been dedicate to ONE pen until it dies.  She had ONE pen on her desk…ONE in the car…ONE in her purse.  There was no stash of pens or one lying around every corner waiting to be used and abused.  She cherished them like a papa penguin guards his egg in the Antarctic.  I have therefore dubbed her the “Monogamous Pen Lady,” which is very fitting and monogamous is just a fun word to say.  She is now in remission, because she has fallen to the dark side and now, like her husband…loves’em and leaves’em.

This post is for all those broken-hearted pens out there…you treated me kind while we shared a note together and I hope you’re doing well.

2 thoughts on “Monogamous Pens?

  1. For the record, I am STILL monogamous. You just think I’m on the dark side because you leave so many pens EVERYWHERE that you think I do it too. Not so my dear husband, not so.

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