Divine Inspiration

I had a student ask me lately, “Mr.G, are you supposed to know everything after confirmation?  Should I have a really good grasp on my faith and really get it?  Because, I’m not sure I’m there or even close.  I’m just confused even more than I was before.”  I struggled with this for a moment, because I think confirmation should not only instruct students, but more importantly inspire them to learn more, dig deeper into scripture, discuss their faith, share it, experience it, and get excited about everyday with Christ.  It seemed as though that spark was missing now with this student and in whom I had seen it before.  This is when God hit me with it.  You know those times when you know it’s not you speaking, because you know for sure that you’re really not that smart?  Yeah, well, this was one of those times.  I had never heard this analogy used for confirmation, but God knew what she needed to hear.  So, I said, “Think about a big, huge 5 course meal…tons of food, more than you really could ever eat, but people try anyway!  The meal is your faith and you’ll never totally finish it, but confirmation is the appetizer.  It tells you what’s to come.  It lets you know how awesome the main dishes will be.  You start to get it, but you’re gonna be there a while!  You’ll spend your whole life growing and learning about your faith and when you hit the sweet dessert, you’ll be in Heaven and God will tell you everything you waited to know.”  The smile came back to her face and I thanked God for being the wonderful, inspirational God He is.  I have a feeling He would’ve said the same thing, only with much more grandeur…like from a burning bush or something sweet like that.

2 thoughts on “Divine Inspiration

  1. Seth,
    The Holy Spirit truly blessed you with the right words to say! It’s awesome that she trusted you enough to ask! May the Lord continue to bless your teaching and sharing Christ’s love with such encouraging words!

  2. Bigtime! Praise the Lord brother! I’m reminded of the text in Matthew 10:20 where Christ says to his disciples, “For it is not you who speaks, but it is the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.” I know this is in the context of being brought before the authorities, but I think it still applies. Sounds to me like you’re in according with Paul’s teaching when appeals to us to “always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us.” Keep on preaching brother. These kids are privileged to have you in their lives. I’m encouraged by the way you are sharing about the Love of Christ.

    Feasting on the greatness of Christ with you!

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