Tonight we went to church at my dad’s church and saw him preach at their Saturday night service. I forgot what an incredible pastor and preacher he is. He is so passionate, well spoken, and engaging. He spoke about Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountaintop before his death and resurrection. He brought with him Peter, James, and John. While there, his glory as God was shown while speaking with Moses and Elijah about his upcoming task on Earth. I’ve heard this story so many times before, but I never thought about the significance of it! Wow!! Moses and Elijah, who had heard about a coming “Emmanuel” to save Israel and they came back…FROM HEAVEN…to possibly comfort Jesus, encourage him, speak with him, or support him in this very treacherous time he was fast approaching. What an unbelievable experience it must have been for those lowly followers of Jesus of Nazareth. I wish I could’ve been there!

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