Rock ‘n Roll Teacher

Have I told you my students are creative? Well, one of them proved this once again by a comment that had me rolling the other day…
I walked out of my office in the music room at school before second grade music time and the kids were already sitting on the risers for me to start class. I like to get started without any downtime, so that I don’t lose them within the first minute! I just busted into “I’m in Love with the King” and the kids jumped up and started singing and doing the actions. Before I could move from our warm-up song into our activity, “Tommy” was wiggling and squirming all over in his spot with his arm about to pop straight up out of his socket. I said, “Yes Tommy? It looks as though you have a question,” in a calm, wanting to move on with the lesson voice. Then he hit me with it.
“Yeah! You know, Mr.G, when you came walking out of the room with your guitar, I could see it now…THE LIGHTS!…THE FOG!…THE CROWD!!…YOU JAMMIN ON THE GUITAR!! (big crunching guitar sound and windmill strum move made famous by The Who)…YEAH!!!…it was awesome…” My jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe all of that had randomly come out of an 8-year-old’s mouth, but I just couldn’t help but laugh and say thank you.

One thought on “Rock ‘n Roll Teacher

  1. Your “spirit” and “unconditional positive regard” with your children are inspiring – so inspiring that the children feel encouraged to share their whole selves and their thoughts with you. That’s not the norm! Bravo to you. I miss classroom teaching! Dang this kid is freakin funny!!

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