Fathers & Daughters

Have you ever thought about how your parents have affected your life? I have, and I’m proud of the job my parents did. After thinking about your own parents, have you ever thought about how other people were raised? Could it explain anything about how they treat you or themselves?
I have to admit that I’ve had, and still have, many close friends that are women. I also dated quite a few women before I married my lovely wife. As I pursued love, I tried to care about women and listen to them the same way my father modeled for me in his relationship with my mother. I was shocked many times at the inability of these women to accept my compliments, kind words, understanding thoughts, and patience. They continued to play games, refuse honesty, and expect me to “just know.” Some, after spending enough time with me, confessed that they had never been cared for by a guy or man as much as I cared for them. This made me think about what type of men they’ve been surrounded by in their lives. I started learning about the fathers of the women in my life and I found out something amazing. If the father was uncommunicative, less-involved, distant, or the daughter had a lacking relationship with him she was more likely to show an inability to express mature confidence and communication. If the father was open, honest, communicative, complimentary, and supportive then the woman was much more confident, understanding, and willing to communicate about her feelings. I am very blessed to have a father-in-law who did just that for his daughter. I know that some women overcome this lack in their lives, but I believe that if they do, they had another male figure in their life who promised to always love them and show them what a strong, faithful man should look like. I pray that all men would be confident, open, loving, and compassionate fathers who always tell their daughters they are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Fathers & Daughters

  1. Seth, This site is amazing! More importantly, this blog is dead on. It is quite true, that those daughters that don’t grow up with fathers have a much harder time accepting compliments because they never received them as a child. However, with Al, I was blessed and I was able to find out who the true father figure has been all of my life, even before mom and him were married. You see, my dad told me he would be at my wedding, and of course I didn’t hold my breath, which is a good thing because Al was the one whos was there on my wedding day and it was Al who walked me down the aisle and my dad didn’t even show up or call to say best wishes. So “Amen!” for Al and I continue to pray for my dad.

  2. Thanks Lacey! It took a lot of reflection and some heartache to see those results, but my wife has shown me why I want to be an incredible father to my daughter someday. Congratulations and blessings on your marriage!

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