Ever bought a car? (How dumb do you think I am?)

Now I don’t consider myself the most knowledgeable deal maker. I know what I want, I’ll treat you with respect, I’ve done my research, and if it’s not what I think I deserve…then there are plenty of other cars out there.
If you read my last post you’d know that last Monday I wrecked my car. Thursday they said it was totaled. Friday State Farm paid it off and gave me a hefty check over the top of paying off my previous loan. Thus…the buying begins.
I love Saturns because they tell it like it is. Here is our price…you like it? Buy it. If you don’t…there are plenty of other people behind you that know this is a good price and we’ll take care of you once you own it. Yet, I decided to go to another place next door. (they had a saturn L200 with a stickshift and moonroof)
The guy is known as a head hauncho and makes 6 figures because he’s salesman of the month EVERY MONTH…and he has ALL the plaques behind his desk to show it (very gaudy I might add). Conversation was minimal and very awkward during the testdrive and got worse. Emily noticed a lot of wind noise while driving and he said it was because I wasn’t used to the moonroof. Mine old Saturn never did that…but of course he knew how to fix it and would show us when we got back. Here was his solution (which all cars need once in a while)…BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE ON TOP OF THE WINDSHIELD MOLDING!!! Dear Lord in Heaven…praise God for black electrical tape. Hey-is that included in the price? or do you teach me how to do it after I trim my mullet and marry my sister?
The office was dirty, disorganized and trashy. He said, “If I cut that $1,000 off the price you’d be ready to drive this off the lot wouldn’t you?” Caught up in the moment and not being allowed to think it through I said “probably.” He took it as “yes” and went to washing the car, sending us to wait in the finance room, and took the tags off the car.
The finance guy was really nice and noticed our concern. He asked why we weren’t sure and he realized it wasn’t the money…but the way we had been treated…we think he empathized with us. HEAD HAUNCHO MAN NEEDS TO MAKE A SALE!! So…”you freakin’ finance lacky had better not SCREW it up!!” When he came back and we said we were going to walk and think about it he wanted to know what was wrong. We said we didnt’ want to rush into it. Yet, he said it’s everything we asked for and “why don’t you just drive it home.” He said he washed it and took off the signs…as he was just about to the door to walk out I said, “better put them back on then.” I was about to reprimand him like the middle-schooler he his, but I got myself under control.
So, we went back to the Saturn dealership next door and they found us the most tight car for an amazing deal. Saturn L200 2003, stickshift, black, black leather interior, 6 disc, moonroof, heated seats, and lots more! We pick it up on Tuesday. If you’re looking for a good Saturn…go to Golden Valley Saturn and ask for Dan.

2 thoughts on “Ever bought a car? (How dumb do you think I am?)

  1. It’s so funny when you write it! Man, that was an adventure. We sure did end up better off, and your dad was right. God will take care of us and we’ll know when then right car comes along … and He did and we did!

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