24 hours of H-E-Double hockey sticks

Well…where do I begin?

Let’s start yesterday, Monday, March 6, 2006…I don’t feel like totally reliving one of the top 10 worst days of my life…so I will give you just the facts chronologically…
7:00am Go to school with very red eyes and I am quite aware I must have “pink eye”. I pick eye gunk/puss out of my eye all day while they continue to get redder and itchier.
2:00pm I move my private lessons to Tuesday and try to schedule a quick appointment. Yet, 3 different Park Nicollet Clinics can’t get me in. They suggest an urgent care…so I haul my butt down to Burnsville as fast I can in order to beat the 4 o’clock/after work rush. Good thing I got there at 3:45, cuz they had 25 people check in between 4:00 and 4:20.
3:45-5:20 I wait to get into the doctor’s office. When I finally get called, I yell “jackpot” in the waiting room and make a bunch of people laugh…plus I got the rest of my lesson planning done while waiting (the only 2 highlights of this day…pretty much)
5:20-5:35 Doctor says I have pink eye in both eyes and a possible sinus infection with redness in my throat and ears…YES!! So, he gave me eye drops and an antibiotic. Nice guy, but seemed overworked, so I just B.S.ed with him for a little while.
5:35 I leave the urgent care to head to Walgreens to pick up my stuff and have bible study that night.
5:45 I got about 500 yds out of the parking lot and hit a Cadillac Catera head-on. The Cadillac has its front end demolished, but my Saturn took a corner shot and doesn’t look too bad. The lady is alright and so am I, but I’m still waiting to hear about the car. I should have an estimate tomorrow. I got the ticket, since it’s my fault, because I didn’t yield on a left turn green. I’m not making excuses, but I didn’t see her, because the car turning in front of me blocked my view. I guess that’s why they cause these “accidents.”
7:00 pm Got back to my place to have some food with Em and Steve B.
Went to bed and got a little sleep.
Decided to go to work and spent the morning making insurance and auto body phone calls.
9:00am I got a call from Emily who was at the hospital having tests and feeling really sick.
11:00am I left school to meet her at her place and take care of her for the afternoon.
6:30pm Good news though…Steve B. has a car I can use as long as I need it, but when I got home from teaching lessons this evening the gear shift broke off…dang it…but I figured out how to still shift. Let’s see how tomorrow goes…

Let’s hope God grants us peace and the ability to get through the next few weeks. I ask that you keep us in your prayers and hopefully the rest of the school year will finish off strong.


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