Day 1 JUGGLING (Try Something New)

This episode makes me laugh.

The journey through the book Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You continues on today. My quotes/challenges are getting much more specific now. The first week leaned more heavily on pondering the generalities of fears and allowed me to choose the direction. The next 3 days consist of trying, then learning, something new and deciding if I like it on the third day. Should be interesting!

My activity of choice is : juggling. I’ve never actually attempted to learn juggling. I just messed around few times to be silly. Now I get to fail. A lot. And keep trying. I’m excited to see how it goes and if I learn anything along the way. You always do, when you step into your fear of failure.

Come along and pick something for yourself! What have you always wanted to try? Maybe take 5 days. Maybe a week. Set a timetable and keep yourself accountable. Then decide if you like it or not. Failing and knowing doesn’t compare to the frustration of indecision, wondering and inaction. Go for it!

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