I met some ladies. (and more to the story)

Last night, I went down to the hotel lounge to shoot a quick video for the FEARlies series. I thought I had a decent idea to share with y’all, but as I began to film, some ladies sat down two tables away from me. It was really quiet in there and I was talking relatively loud, so I didn’t want to bother them. They were visibly intrigued by what I was doing.

I said, “I’m sorry, I’m just filming some stuff. I can go somewhere else.” They said, “No, no what are you up to?” I explained about the premise behind FEARlies and facing the small fears of failure each day, so that you can move into the bigger things when they come up. They wanted to know an example and my plan for today’s post. I was impressed by their persistence to dig into my project.

As I explained, one woman (not pictured in the video) pointed out that my real of the day was to “be present instead of thinking about the video series.” I had a slightly different angle in mind, but she spoke clarity into my situation that I didn’t see. It was humbling and awesome at the same time. I thanked her and we all discussed a bit further. One woman asked for the youtube series link so that she could share it with her daughter and friend who are struggling in a similar way.

We shared about our faith in Jesus and how it’s truly His power and Spirit that, at times, leads us into “fearful” situations where we must lean on His strength and not our own. That is the core of this process and adventure I’m on. God stirs in us, but many times we don’t listen or don’t think we can do it. Yet, God will be with us going forward and He’s given us other people and tools that will help us work through those things that are holding us up from following. I hope this blog and video series will be an encouragement to me and all of you who are seeking the same growth.

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