Chapelish Rockingness

I am so blessed. Our school is so blessed.
A couple years ago I took over our school’s Chapel Youth Praise Team.
It can be a lot of work and at first it was.
How do I get all of these varying abilities of 5-8th graders to play together?
We only have 45 minutes of rehearsal once a week!
The first couple years were solid and we did a lot of fun stuff with about 7-8 students.
This year we have 14! Two teams? Nope- it’s all on each week!
3 guitars, bass, drums, synth, keys, 7 vocalists (rotating 4/singing 3/audio-video)
It’s a huge sound and they’re doing great! I’m amazed every week I throw a new song at them and they jump right in. The best part is that they’re willing to help and serve through setup/teardown and during the service. It makes getting to school at 7am on Wednesdays totally worth it!
Today I had a few asking for more advanced things to try, so we had a few guitar riffs, additional descant lines and rockingness for God.
And it’s only OCTOBER! It’s going to be fun to see how this group progresses together.
God is constantly putting things in your life to celebrate.
Just look for them.

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