Yes, Yes, tell me!

Take a second to think about “your thing.” Maybe you haven’t ever thought about what it is, but you know what gets you pumped, excited or passionate. Perhaps it’s sports, music, reading, cars, ministry, teaching or even the videogame Halo!

How did it make you feel the first time someone asked you about it? They really gave you an opportunity to spill your guts and tell everything you knew about it. Then, to make it even better, when you thought you had gone too far, they ask you a question about it! Not only did they really, seriously, listen to you- but now they want you to share more…they’re interested…

I gotta say when it’s happened to me, I’m on fire!

I’m all lit up inside and I feel accepted, worthwhile, important and interesting. (note: it’s even more powerful when it comes from someone you already respect or look up to.)

I accidentally lit up a student yesterday. I asked about a new videogame they were picking up and I got THE STORY. I mean…THE STORY. The information poured out like a blown oil pipe in the Gulf. I just saw there trying to take in everything they knew about this game. I guess there are Halo books now telling the story behind the videogame which adds to the fantasy and drama as you play. A cool addition, as well as marketing tool, I would have to say. The student was wrapped up in it and used bigger, more descriptive words with a passionate tone than I had never heard come out of their mouth.

What if we were more intentional about finding out other people’s “things?”

It only takes 2 things:

1. An honest question     2. Undivided attention to the answer.

It may help us understand our students better, connect with our friends more intimately, do ministry more effectively and live fuller relationships with those around us.

I’m ready to hear about yours!

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