Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!

If you’re here because you have spent endless hours scouring the web and it’s guide, Google, for blogs about noses seeking out exploration…well…you’ve come to the right place. Actually, that’s not at all what this about, but feel free to pick and read.

If you’re still hanging around, I wanted to show you a couple things…

It’s obvious which ones had a lasting impact and the others faded into obscurity relatively quickly.

Are you familiar with the term early adopter? It’s thrown around a lot out here in the tech-land near San Francisco. They are the people who jump into a new technology with both feet and can’t wait to try it. Bugs and problems and all. They’re ready and willing. Usually it’s concerning a new website, software or computer related hardware.

I’d consider myself a highly interested adopter who will get it early if I can afford it and I’d use it. I wasn’t always one of them, but now I get a kick out of the new things that Google or Apple (or the multitude of Bay Area start-ups) are doing and I want to try them out. If it requires a lot of cash, I’ll probably sit it out, but free software, sweet!

Early adoption can get you into trouble. I remember when my college roommate turned to me freshman year and said, “There’s this brand new thing my friend told me about, it’s called Napster and you can get FREE MUSIC!” We were all over it, but Metallica led a charge against it and the illegal downloading of music is still being prosecuted. Something as simple as counting down the days to the new release of the iOS4 operating system for your iPhone, reading the live blog stream of Steve Jobs’ keynote, upgrading your phone the day it comes out…and then finding out that your 3G model is slower than molasses because the hardware isn’t fast enough!

Other times it pays off big time…who bought Google stock the day it went public? Good work. Who said, “Sure, run some of those crazy cables to my house and screw in a couple of those glass bulbs.”

It’s hard to know.

I wonder if I would’ve been an early adopter when Jesus came through my town.

Would I have been the one shouting, “Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!” ?

Most of the disciples were called. They jumped in and followed Him, but didn’t necessarily seek Him out. Then there were others like the woman who just wanted to touch Jesus’ cloak, because she knew or at least had blind faith that it would work…she would be healed. This man was truly God and was loving and powerful enough to save someone as weak and “worldly worthless” as she. She jumped in with both feet and adopted Jesus very early. Would I have jumped in -as He began to preach and love people endlessly- just like I waited on the edge of my seat for my technology?

I want to think I would have. I realize it’s nothing to worry about or to stress over. It’s just an interesting thought and something to carry in your pocket when the opportunity to act for Christ appears. He’s already chosen us and called us His Own. We don’t need pick Him or find Him. We were dead and buried in sin and He found us. Jesus adopted us so early He died for us 2000 years ago in preparation! It was worth it to Him, every ounce of blood. Now He gets to enjoy us we enjoy Him everyday until we see Him in Heaven. I love that He picked me…and you!

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