my little pup

She’s not really a “pup” anymore, but I still call her that. She hasn’t corrected me yet, so I figure it’s okay.

She is such a funny girl. It’s pretty evident in this picture. What dog sits behind her tail so that she don’t have to hold herself up? Our dog. Maybe funny isn’t the best description of her…how about lazy pile?

Sometimes I wonder…has she developed more personality or have I just begun to notice more? She seriously knows English (even if the research says dogs can’t) and has learned so much. Sometimes I feel that way about God. Man…He knows a lot of English…. I think the more time I spend with Him, the more I begin to know His personality and love and touch on my life. I just needed to spend more time with Him. Isn’t that the key? It took intentional, loving time with Addie to get to know her and to develop a connection with her. What would’ve happened if I just talked about her and looked at her? What if I hadn’t wanted to spend time with her, talk to her and desire her company? (this is one of those rhetoricalish questions!)

Addie just turned 3 last month, so here’s a shout to the best pup in the world (well, at least in my life!). I love you even when you jump on people at the door! (but they might not…so try to cut that out.)

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