Random Teaching Advice #23.8 -what??

It happened…a world-shifting idea and 10 years beyond their supposed insight capabilities came from your group.

but don’t respond to it.

Don’t answer a comment or question unless they raise their hand and you call them.

Otherwise it’ll all go downhill from there.

If you let one kid call out a question or an answer, the door is open to anyone “sharing” when they feel like it.

Don’t think I’m just a stick in the mud! I’m all about tangents, interruptions, creative thinking, an honest (seemingly “dumb”) question…

but don’t respond unless they raise their hand. (then feel free to go where your heart tells you to go!)

I’ve seen too many people leading kids in some activity and they start answering questions that the kids yell out.

Know why they answer them? They just remembered they should’ve told the kids that and the kid made a good point!

Well, DUH, sure they made a good point. Just tuck it away, don’t answer them, wait for quiet again and continue on.

They’ll probably get the hint, raise their hand, and then you answer.


You keep it tucked away for 1 minute and bring it up because you did actually forget to tell them that.

This is not being a jerk teacher.

It provides two skills which are essential to life:

1- don’t yell stuff at people who are instructing a group, nothing gets done!

2- respect others when they are talking and take your turn. it’s polite.

If you raise your hand, it’s more efficient, respectful, orderly and everyone is heard. The group may scoff a couple times and there will be the one jumping and raising their hand and rolling the eyes…but just wait. They will appreciate it in the end.

Most importantly, they know what to expect from you…they’ll be heard if they follow a respectful line. You won’t just listen to the loud ones or the annoying ones or the “smart” ones. It makes sense. Don’t we just want to know the rules and be heard? yep.

And teachers and adult leaders of kids (or any age!)- it’s your responsibility shape the environment.

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