I was thinking a lot today about social networks and websites in the arena of “church and ministry.” I found myself with more questions than answers… what is church’s website really for? to reach people with questions or seeking? to be a usable, live site for current membership to connect and share? or is that need filled by an integrated or connected virtual social network, which supports and strengthens the physical/facetoface relationships? I know what I’d personally like, but I’m wondering what y’all think. if you read this and want to take a second, I’d love tk hear your thoughts and from different generations if possible. 1- how does your current church website act? who does it seve how? is it effective? 2- what would an effective church website look like in your mind? 3- how does facebook/Twitter play into ministry? does your church employ social networks to advance ministry? I’d love to hear any thoughts at all on the subject! it’s been on my mind a lot lately for some reason. One last thought- Jesus went to where the people were gathering to meet them and talk with them in their element…where are people gathering to share ideas when not in person today?

2 thoughts on “Jesus.Facebook.TheWeb

  1. Good questions man.

    I know our fellowship has a webpage, mostly because they always reference it during announcements as a place to go to get “more” details, but I never visit the webpage.

    I think most people who use it are looking for events and what’s going on, or to hear about the church in general – we do have a celebrity pastor after all.

    I know pastor John has a blog, facebook, and twitter which he uses very frequently, and which thousands of people read. I think there is a lot of good accomplished there.

    I guess I don’t understand your last question. Are you asking where are people meeting now that they are basically doing it online? I suppose “online” is an element.


    1. Hey Phil-

      Thanks for the thoughts- I appreciate it!

      As for the last question- I guess it was more rhetorical based on the previous statements, but it actually sounds misleading!

      What I meant is that people are meeting and connecting via social networks, blogs, etc in order to share information and their lives, which actually draw them closer together and create more desire to meet face to face. I see a huge need to meet people in those places…not necessarily to do ministry or keep it “behind the screen” but to use these networks and utilities to developments relationships which will become much more.

      Thanks brother!

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