be what you sing

I felt very convicted last Sunday as I sang the words: “Everyday, it’s You I live for…” I thought, do I? Yes, I think so, well, I try. Sure- but I felt compelled to desperately seek it. I want to have that burning desire and constant refrain in my mind when I’m faced with choices throughout my day. It’s YOU I live for. Yes, I WILL sin. We ALL sin. And we have the promise of forgiveness & heaven through Christ’s death and resurrection. The knowledge and faith in that promise is the driving factor here. A pursuit to deliberately keep His Cross before my eyes and live what I sing. Imagine a church that is seeking to live what they sing on Sundays. Believing that God will “Abide with [them]” on those difficult days and “Trusting you Lord Jesus, trusting only you.” How amazing would that be? At our church we sing a song by a worship leader in the Twin Cities (Stefan Van Voorst) called “Be the Church.” We sing, “Caring for widows, orphaned kids, fighting for others’ right to live. Being the ones who sacrifice. Willing to die to know real life. Going beyond just words and songs. Forgiving in times when we’ve been wronged. Being the first to serve the last, giving to anyone who asks. The time is now to become who we are. A blessing to the world without the need to be the stars. We want to be the Church of Jesus.” Imagine God’s church (the people, not the organization/committees/buildings) going out into the world with a pursuit to be what they sing. Not in mind, but in action. God’s Holy Spirit and love would be tangible and spread like wildfire. I pray that God convicts us all through His Word and song, and if called to repentance, to ask for it and receive forgiveness and go out knowing that you will fail and fall. But He’ll always pick you up and send you out again with a renewed passion.

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