The next fence…

There are so many times when I find myself contemplating the next big idea or strategy or action item. To some, this may seem daunting or just plain dumb. It’s like backyards here in California (and Texas!), they’re all fenced in. Plus, most of them here are extensions of people’s homes- they’re an extra room! One of my friends has a 8 person hottub, swimming pool, huge covered patio, big screen, ceiling fans, comfy couches and a bar in his backyard. What’s it meant for? TO RELAX. To find peace, rest, a quiet mind and body. Now here’s the analogy…I find myself in those peaceful, backyard moments (even for a half hour) when God’s rest could be found and savored, but I’m caught jumping next to the fence to see what’s next. Not only am I short, but I’m desiring too greatly for the NEXT thing, rather than where I am now. My friends are sitting down with a beer and saying, “Take a load off and cool off for a bit- look at what has been provided for you!” Nope, there I am jumping and jumping, over-planning and preparing and strategizing and brainstorming. This is where my strengths fail me. I believe those skills I mentioned are gifts from God and make me good at what I do- but they put the focus too much on me and the STUFF I’m doing, rather than the complete focus on Jesus.

This week, our Pastor will be continuing his series on Hebrews- we’re on Chapter 4 and it talks about the Sabbath-rest which God says we can have “Today.” It says that when we enter His rest, we rest from our work as well, just as He rested from His. God’s rest…what must that be like? What did God do when He rested? He stopped creating and fixing, He rested. I’m sure He soaked up His creation and enjoyed it and loved it. We look forward to our eternal rest, but God says we can encounter His rest now, here on Earth. Stop and enjoy the slow times and see all that the Lord has provided. Jesus. Jesus. Rest in the strength and safety of His arms…even if for a little while. He may even open a gate or give you a boost for the next fence…

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