California here we come!

I haven’t really blogged about the process, but some of you may know that 3 weeks ago I received a call to Modesto, CA to be the K-8 music teacher and contemporary worship director at Grace Lutheran.  This was an incredibly prayerful time with God and my wife.  We desperately sought God’s peace every moment and I came to realize how much I don’t pray most of the time.  It was truly a humbling experience for that point alone.  Being at a church and school which I have no reason to leave made it difficult as well.  Why would God call me to serve Him when there’s nothing wrong here?  I had many questions similar to this along the way, but I continually prayed simply, “God, I know you will give me peace.”  After visiting the congregation at Grace a couple weeks ago with Emily, we came back and prayed some more.  Seeking God in His Word and through the wise words of His servants here on Earth, we slowly came to a peace.  At this point, I am very sad to leave the loving, supportive relationships here at Trinity, but at the exact same moment, I’m at peace with moving to Modesto to serve the Lord as a part of their ministry.  I will serve Trinity with 100% of myself for the rest of this school year and then begin to make the transition to serving those at Grace.  This is an exciting, scary, joyful and sad time with many unknowns, but God will provide!!  Please pray for many big decisions as we sell our home, buy a new one, say goodbye, travel to China for a mission trip, and make the move across this beautiful country.  Please also pray for both congregations as they both make transitions in ministry and God would lead them and they’d be open to that guidance.  The same goes for us too!  Also, please pray for Emily’s ability to find a job she is passionate about!  God’s peace and grace to all of you during this Spring!

3 thoughts on “California here we come!

  1. CA here you come!
    I am so happy for you and so proud of you. Calls are HARD and it’s a journey in itself to navigate through them. Praying that the rest of the year at Trinity is blessed and that the prep to CA is beautiful.
    Love to you and Emily!

  2. Wow! Christian and I just read your news! Congratulations on your call and God’s Blessings as you move into transition mode. We’re glad we could get together with you guys last January. God bless!

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