Concert for China and CD release

We’re going to China this summer!!  Emily and I are going with a team of 8 people to Macau, a special administrative region (SAR) of China.  It’s kind of confusing, but similar to Puerto Rico’s relationship to the United States.  We’re excited to be teaching English and hopefully sharing the message of Christ’s love with the people there- without breaking any of their religious laws.

I’m not sure who all reads this, but in any case, I’d like to let you know that on Friday, April 4th we’re having a rock concert (Christian music & 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s secular rock) with all the proceeds going to the China mission.  It will also be the CD release party of my new album recorded with Matt G., which will also be completely donated to China as well.  That was the original intent of this particular recording.  We’ll also have concessions, room to dance, and hopefully some t-shirts as well.

Come on over and hang out for an evening and support a great cause or spread the word if you get a chance!  Thanks!

One thought on “Concert for China and CD release

  1. How cool! I’m excited for you guys, what a trip! It’s moments like this that I’m sad I don’t live in MN…I’d totally attend the April 4 gig if I were there. Blessings on the preparations!

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