Ahh…first graders

Kids bring such delight to my day…and stress…but this one really made me laugh…
I use stuffed animals and beanie babies to entice my young music classes to listen and participate. Sometimes I even talk to them…”Oh yeah Teddy, you don’t say! You’ve been listening to the first graders?? You want to go sit with Lucas?? Okay, well, I guess that’s okay with me.” At this point, they are so overcome with excitement to have Teddy sit with them, they are putty in my hands (for a few minutes at least). The day Lucas had Teddy sitting with him the unexplainable happened. Now, Teddy is an old Beanie Babie and has seen his share of trials, but he still gets the job done. Once the song was over, Lucas’ hand shot up in the air and a “it’s the end of the world” look on his face accompanied the waving hand. I called on him and he exclaimed…”MR. GEHRKE!! TEDDY’S BALLS ARE FALLIN’ OUT!!!!” The kids were shocked that Teddy could be falling apart, but I reacted somewhat differently…I died laughing and said “What??!?!” Not because I didn’t hear him, but I wanted to hear it again. It was outstanding to say the least and still brings a smile to my face.

3 thoughts on “Ahh…first graders

  1. Write more little kid stories! I’m laughing out loud. Do you entetain yourself like this all day long? No wonder you love your jobs. Little do the kids know that your cartoon bubble is “R” rated!

    I see a book in the making.

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