Shameless self-promotion…

I just want you all to know that Jerry Babcock and I have professionally recorded and had printed an album of original music. Here’s some short, catchy snippets to whet your appetite… (more info and online CD ordering)


Track # and some succinct thoughts about each song
1- “On My Knees”…Confession and Absolution…God’s Grace
2- “To Write a Love Song”…Wise words for a young man with love questions
3- “Round and Again”…We wrestle with God like Jacob and end up trusting Him
4- “Sweet 75″…A song of hope when everything seems to be changing.
5- “Why”…Some questions we all have.
6- “Found My Love Again”…Not about a girl…just finding the love inside and for yourself.
7- “Wish I Could”…An honest admission with a promise.
8- “Lullaby”…What it says…a lullaby.
9- “Ice Cold Sarsaparilla on a July Evening”…A spontaneous, rockin’ jam to send you away smiling.

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