Monday Music No.19 – Sweet 75

Do you ever feel like life is just changing way too fast? Your plans seem to blow up daily and all of the secure things around you, well, aren’t secure? That’s the way I felt at the beginning of my junior year of college. The longest relationship of my life (up to that point) had ended, good friends were transferring to other colleges or quitting altogether and there were other smaller things that just added up to a big question mark in front of my life.

Then a moment of clarity and God’s divine grace washed over me. I picked up my guitar and wrote this song, in its entirety, in about 20min. That’s not normal. Songwriters stress over lyrics and melodies for months and years before some songs are completely finished. Granted, I may have been able to squeeze out some refinement, but it was so therapeutic and inspired that I just had to leave it.

I hate naming my songs, but you have to do it. I’d rather just number them like they did years ago with classical music. No.7 in A minor. Done. On my debut performance, at a coffeehouse in college, I mentioned my quandary and my witty roommate (Aaron Surprenant), who wasn’t even looking up, yelled, “name it 75, sweet, Sweet 75.” He just kept working on his laptop and I said, “Ok. This is Sweet 75.” And the name stuck.

In the midst of Fall in Minnesota, where leaves actually change colors and blow around, it was appropriate to write about the turbulence and impermanence of life through the analogy of leaves scattering upon a path. Yet, in the midst of that, there is a firm foundation beneath those leaves. No matter where they go, they float upon the planet Earth and that connects them. In just the same way, God knows my name. I thank Him daily for seeking me, desiring me and protecting me through the changing climates of life. Friendships are ever-changing, jobs are up and down, emotions are fleeting, careers are remade and life can be a rollercoaster.

God isn’t.

He is the same as He was when He created the heavens and the earth. He is love. He is truth. He is “I am.”

He knows me. He knows you. He will always be with us.

The knowledge of that gave me peace and strength on that day in my dorm room. Jesus gave me the opportunity to express it with a song and share it with you all.

God is good. All the time.

Jesus, thank you for your unending grace. We praise Your unchanging nature and your strength in our lives. When we are struggling with change and direction, keep our eyes focused on You. Thank you for knowing us so well. Help us to listen when you lead and follow you daily. Amen.

[A note before you listen in…my good friend Abby (Dawkins) Gerold sang this song on the album, which can be downloaded for free OR purchased on iTunes.  My buddies, Jerry Babcock played saxophone and Matt Griepentrog was on the drums.]


The rain’s fallin’ outside, got a scarf around my neck. Leaves changin’ colors, every single breath.
Changin’ their minds, to places far away. Won’t take too long, to think about today.

Gonna think about hey, hey, the good times I’ve had.
With all of my friends and the years to come.
Hey, hey, I’m blessed, don’t you feel the same?
Everyday I’m gonna thank the Lord for knowing my name.

Not every leaf is meant to blow away. For those blessed few, I surely prayer.
Yes, confusing times may lie a head. Life can be a battle son, but with God you’re not to dread.

A song of contemplation comes to an end. And on your way, a thought I hope to send:
You’ve come a long way, the future God knows. There’s a hand for you, son, and a friend to watch you grow.

“You are blessed,” says the Lord. You giveth and you taketh it away.
No matter where your leaves may blow. On God’s lighted path, you’ll stay, oh you’ll stay.

If the audio player below doesn’t load, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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