Monday Music No.1

Hey Readers! This is the first of (hopefully) weekly issues of “Monday Music” where you can listen to a song and be guided through a short time of scripture, contemplation and prayer to start your work week. I hope you’re encouraged and strengthened by them! Feel free to leave a comment about potential songs that speak to you or any other thoughts you have. I’d love to connect! – Seth



 “God, You are patient. You are holy and perfect. Your will is beyond ours and many times we scream and yell and want ours now. Breathe into us your goodness and grace. Fill us in the places that are empty and give us exactly what we need today. Let our hands be lifted in praise, for your love and goodness, no matter what our current circumstances are. You never change. We sing Alleluia. We praise Your name. Amen.”


Let the words sink in without the music. Just rest in them and listen to what God might say to you through them.

“Waiting Here For You

– Christy Nockels (written by Chris Tomlin)

If faith can move the mountains
Let the mountains move
We come with expectation
Waiting here for you, waiting here for you
You’re the Lord of all creation
And still you know my heart
The author of salvation
You’ve loved us from the start
Waiting here for you
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s you we adore
Singing Alleluia
You are everything you’ve promised
Your faithfulness is true
And we’re desperate for your presence
All we need is you
Waiting here for you, Lord
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s you, Lord, we adore
Singing Alleluia
We will wait for you, Lord, he’ll stand with you
We will sing alleluia
Singing Alleluia, alleluia
Singing Alleluia, alleluia
Waiting here for you
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s you we adore, we adore
Singing Alleluia
Waiting here for you
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s you we adore
Singing Alleluia, singing Alleluia
Waiting here for you
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s you we adore, with our lives
Singing Alleluia, singing Alleluia


It’s amazing to think that God loved us from the start. Not on any merit of our own, but from the start. From creation. He’s the Lord of it all. Everything. Us. All time. Beginning and End. So, what is our posture throughout each day? One of worry, concern and questions about the next thing? Imagine if our posture was instead, with head and hands lifted high to receive the blessings God is ALREADY pouring down on us. If we just adore Him for being Him. Singing Alleluia, God be praised! Waiting would be like Christmas Eve everyday and knowing that the presents are awesome. That’s the type of waiting and joy I pray you have everyday, no matter the circumstance. Because He IS blessing us and we just praise Him in return.


Isaiah 26:8: Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and renown are the desire of our souls.

VIDEO – Sing, pray, listen and let God speak.


Heavenly Father, we wait for you. With our hands lifted high. Open our eyes to see all that You are showering us with today and grant us grace and peace to share it with others. Alleluia! Amen.


7 thoughts on “Monday Music No.1

  1. Well, done, Seth! Is the “Video” line supposed to have a link to the music, bc it’s not working if it was supposed to. I love the meditation and prayer, though, as you read the lyrics BEFORE you listen to the music.

  2. Wonderful!! I want to read this every Monday! This was exactly what I needed to see and hear tonight. Thank you for sharing and please keep them coming.

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