A new song for Em.

I thought I would make a quick recording of the song I wrote for Emily on Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t written her a song since the one I used to propose over 7 years ago, so I figured it was time! Enjoy.

You’re the One
copyright 2013 Seth W. Gehrke

Verse 1
You’re the one I always longed for
You’re the one I dreamed about
And right after that first call
My heart had no doubt

verse 2
Our family has sure grown
We’ve got a puppy and a boy
From the cold to California
With you there’s always joy!

You’re the one who will forever
Share in my deepest dreams
I couldn’t ask more than that babe
You’re the one that mends my seams
And I’m still trying to figure out while it spins inside my mind.
How could God bless me so much, with a woman who’s so kind.

We’ve had our ups and our downs
But never have we fallen
Through moldy walls and traffic laws
Our team goes on and on
We laugh about our sleep walking
And are together when we cry
I never could imagine when
The day comes to say goodbye

Verse 3
I’m not quite sure what’s next Love
Put it all in God’s strong hands
I know there will be adventure
I can’t wait to see what’s planned!

Chorus 2x

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