American Idol could have better contestants

I’ve noticed a socio-cultural imbalance in the arts. Haven’t you?

On one hand, our nation/world has an obsession with music…especially in the past 10 years:

American Idol is one of the most popular shows to apply for and watch. The ability to download music from iTunes has increased the amount purchased by many times. iPods and other forms of digital music players allow us to be constantly surrounded by melodies and rhythms. Guitar Hero and Rockband have the young and old singing, playing, learning, participating and appreciating music together. People are also obsessed with other artforms like dance on Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent. There are more and more independent musicians beginning careers or just sharing their music via Youtube, the61, MySpace, Facebook, Pandora, etc.

Some would say music is an epidemic and one we don’t want a cure for. Why stop something that inspires creativity, self-expression, confidence, teamwork and joy?

That’s something we should ask our school principals, school boards, superintendents and congressional committees.

I just don’t get it.

Imagine if everyone who applied to American Idol could stay on pitch and rhythm, because they had been given quality music education since preschool? Yes, there wouldn’t be as many people to laugh at, but we’d have some phenomenal musicians to bring us a wide variety of music! The possibilities of ensembles and performances would be endless! How exciting would that be??

Even if you weren’t the performer, you’d have a deeper appreciation for the musicians you listened to, because your ear/eyes/hands would be trained and skilled.

I am so blessed to be a music teacher in a private Christian school that has made the arts, academics, athletics and faith all strong core values. All are needed and essential. They help us connect to each other, love one another more deeply, learn about the world in different ways, and use the gifts God has given to the fullest.

Let’s not lose the opportunity to education our children in something which we all have a deep desire to love: music.

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