it’s really pretty simple

I was thinking about ministry this week. I realized that even if I designed websites, sold vacuums, led exercise classes or polished shoes I’d still find myself in ministry. I’d still be doing what Jesus did: eating with friends, helping people who need it, giving of my money and time to those less fortunate, listening to a friend, enjoying life with those around me and doing it with love and respect. It seems like there are a lot of people I see already doing this and I’m not always sure if they’re followers of Jesus. And there’s the clincher…why are you doing it? Are you confident enough to tell someone…I care about you because Jesus cares about you and me. I love you because Jesus loved me and you first. Can you? Will you? Do the things you’re already doing but do them with Jesus at the lead and be willing to make Him known when the Holy Spirit puts the words on your mouth. You’ve felt it before and maybe held it back…let Him speak through you and you’ll be amazed at how simple being His disciple and follower can be.

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